Suggestions censored first?

I submitted a suggestion when the announcement went up. I see it’s not there, nor a similar one. So it seems like DH is limiting what suggestions we can make… doesn’t really seem like a suggestion system to me…

Is this the case? Anyone else notice this?

They should limit to some extent. All of the suggestions I have had have gone through. As long as the suggestions are not too crazy - ie giving everyone unmetered bandwidth and 50gb of space.

…And if they do limit something you think is should be up there post it on the forum. They do have to have some moderation though.

I think you will find that DH would screen all suggestions, they would also have to do some cost benefit behind them and of course how technically feasible they are…

DH are a pretty open company I cannot see them just censoring suggestions unless they feel they will not be of benefit to all of their customer base.

I submitted 2 suggestions and they both went through, but it took a while (many days I think) so maybe you just need to be patient.

Here’s something weird though: I just went over there and it said:

You currently have 18/20 credits available.

I have never voted before so I figured that the 2 credits are from my 2 suggestions (is that right?). Then I voted on someone else’s suggestion and it said this:

You currently have 17/20 credits available.

Then I decided to do an experiment and voted on one of my suggestions and it said this:

You currently have 12/20 credits available.

How come voting for my suggestion cost me 5 credits?! Is that a bug or a feature?


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It does say right above the submit suggestions form:

“Please enter your suggestion below. We cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be added to this area!”

I promise I read every suggestion though! Some aren’t added just because a. they’re very similar or the same as a suggestion already up. b. we already do the suggestion c. it’s totally infeasible. d. we’ve done it in the past and decided to stop for some (hopefully good) reason.

Also, the reason your credits dropped so much when you voted on your own suggestion was just because that suggestion was deemed to have “5 credit” cost. You can see that right next to the “vote” button. So if you want to vote for it, it’ll cost 5 credits (instead of 1,2,3, or 4).

Hope that clears thangs up a bit!


My suggestion was a way to have multiple FTP users for the same domain. this is something you changed.

Not having this is getting more and more frustrating. Before I could have domain like and when client1 ftp’d in, they would go directly to the client1 dir. Same goes for /client2 and so on.

Also, I would really like to have one uberlogin for all my domains, and then give each domain separate logins. I posted more on this a while ago. I have fifteen domains and subdomains and will be adding more soon.

For now I guess I’ll just keep my points on the suggestion for making WebDAV available for the entire site.

Hopefully I wont have to resort to posting stick tabs around my monitor, client’s monitors, wallet…

Hey snokarver,

You can use the “remap sub-dir” area under Domains to make remap to client1’s home directory. That should do what you want, and it’s the way we support multiple users on one domain now… I think that’s probably why your suggestion wasn’t added.

Also, due to the way unix permissions work and the security restrictions of suexec, there’s no easy way to make like a “root” ftp user for all your domains. The closest you can do is use our “Users > Groups” feature to put all your users in the same group, then make all the domains group writable I believe. It’s a little complicated though and may require some fudging around with the permissions of your directories to work right!

I wish there were a really easy straightforward way to do that, but so far we haven’t been able to come up with one…


Thanks Josh. I’m not that familiar with setting group permissions so I was hoping you guys might figure something out. At one point I setup groups and users, before realizing there was no GUI for implementing them.

To your credit, I think this is probably my only complaint about DH :slight_smile: