Suggestion for FTP


can we have option to set any dir as ftp acces for some user instead to remap it as sub domain

i had that with my old host and they had win based servers with helm

and it was easy to add user to any sub dir within ftp


so for styles folder to add styles user

is it possible to implement this in some near future



You should know that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. We can discuss the idea here and then if you think it’s worth pursuing, you can submit it as a “Suggestion” in your panel.

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I agree with you. It will be much easier if we can create FTP access to a sub-dir. I believe DH has their own reason not implementing this.

As Lensman said, this is a customer-to-customer forum. We can’t do anything but to file a suggestion to DH. If a lot of people vote for the suggestion, DH may consider to implement the feature.

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So relative to file ownership and such, how would such a feature be implemented at the unix directory level?

Is the “easy” implementability of the feature related to the differences in the file system implementations between Windows and Unix?

One interesting aspect of this is that the feature would have to implement some amount of “permissioning” between two different users, depending on the implementaion. I mean one could either implement it as creating a directory over in the “other” users home directory and then automatically create a symbolic link to that directory. In this case you do need to sudo to the “other” user to create the directory and then sudo to the original domain directory owner to create the symbolic link.

In the other implementation you’d somehow actually create a file in the original web directory that is owned by the "other’ user. This either requires root to create the directory and chown it to the new user or requires someone temporarily change the directory permission to allow group access (assuming the other user is in the same group) and then have the sudo to the other user to create the directory. This implementation is somewhat problematic because the original user now has this directory that they can’t move, modify, or delete in their web directory.

And even if this directory is created, it’s not clear to me that it could be ftp or webftp accessible to the “other” user.

It’s past my bedtime so I apologize if any of this doesn’t make total sense, but I hope you get the idea that the implementation of this feature under the system configuration at Dreamhost and using the unix filesystem permissions needs to be carefully thought out and even then may not do exactly what you want.

In your other hosts implementation, how were the filesystem permissions handled? What did shell users see?

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yea ok i get it windows and unix based servers tho i am not into it i only see one thing that is missing me

yea and i get it i have suggestion option in ACP but i seen so many suggestions that it looks like every time someone gets idea jumps and post suggestion which is ridiculous imagine bump i have idea haha… (all profesor Baltazar syindrom)

so it is probably smart thing to post first on forum to see how many ppl would actullay use this feature

now to issue of permissions

what permission would that “leech” accounts have

read write

for example look at this situation

if u are runing styles forum and u want to grant acces to ppl who make forum styles

now my options are. (OPTION)

to make subdomain install test forum and grant everyone root acces to forum install

instead to just give them acces to


or maybe there is option to remap it as sub domain but i really dont know how would that work with forum install

as for windows / unix differencess i am really not into that and i probably wont be ever i use it as hobby and that is it

as for dreamhost i don’t have anything else to say but compliments, support one word, WOW! (not world of warcraft lol)