Suggestion: address my ticket from 2 months ago and improve support


I have had a ticket open to “notify me when the Railgun bug is fixed” for over two months now. I’ve also had a ticket open for an email issue for about five days now. When I open chat support, all I get is “that’s handled by a different department” or “we don’t have an update yet.”

I’ve been nothing but patient with DreamHost, and I have been polite in all of my support exchanges.

But not fixing Railgun for over two months while you advertise it as included with my plan? That’s false advertising.

Here’s a suggestion: improve your support and the maintenance of your advertised features. I’m trying to run a business.


Hi Thomas,

I was able to locate your support ticket# from another thread. As mentioned. I see that it has already been escalated over to the mail block team and they have been looking into the issue. I apologize for the delay as they are working towards a resolution, these types of issues do not always have an immediate fix. I was able to get it sent over to a support manager to keep an eye on and they will send you an update accordingly,

Matt C


Thanks so much, Matt.


Any updates on this, @DH_Matt_C ?

I still need to send that email :confused:


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