Suggesting Programs Working on Existing Website (moving from Dreamweaver)

Hi all,
My team and I need some advice, so we welcome your input. For many years we’ve been hosting our website at Dreamhost and editing/creating our website through Dreamweaver. However in the past year, for several reasons -including lack of skills to really make the most out of it-, we’ve grown uncomfortable with Dreamweaver and are looking for better alternatives.

So we have an existing website (for a charity/NGO based in Palestine) with over 25 pages with text, news, pictures and so on - in over 8 languages! We are planning on redesigning/redoing several parts but for now, we have this basis. Which program (or web-based tool) would you recommend to edit an existing website (predominantly designed with Dreamweaver)?

Our team is far from an expert in this field of websites and we often struggle to keep up with the options in Dreamweaver (some basic coding is understood but anything complicated will not do it for us). We’ve developed other websites in Weebly - which is not what we are looking for this time. We need to be able to use our existing page and edit them…

Any input is appreciated!
Many thanks,

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