Suggest and help me with my decision. Current DH client

Hi there,

my site is heavily trafficked and use a lot of CPU useages and now DreamHost moved me to the Virtual Private Server.

It all sounds good but I just don’t have the money for it, especially if I will have to pay about $ 100 a month. (according to the ram I’m using now atm) I don’t earn any money with my site and the visitors keep on coming to my website. I can ask for donations, but I don’t they can help out each month. And I’ve already been hosted on my different hosting sites and finally ended up here on DreamHost.

Is there anybody who have any tips, suggestions? I am very lost. Some similar site owner said I should go for a dedicated server?

If my weekly test trial at the VPS is over and I don’t have any solution for it. I ll just have to cancel my DreamHost acount and find another site. Sadly.

How much CPU time did you use? I’d love to know where the limits lie. Theoretically they are supposed to work with you and put your site on an underused server, but maybe you reached those limits as well. How many CPU seconds were you using per day? How many pages served per day?

As for the VPS, they start you out with max RAM, and you probably don’t need that much.

If you can’t afford a VPS (dedicated server would be more expensive), then look at optimising your code and going back to shared hosting. Is your site based on PHP? Does it have any caching routines?

Another option is to form a non-profit and apply to for a free account. DH hosts non-profits for free.

Also, you could try cloudflare, or is it cloudfire?, which is a free service and supposedly takes some of the load off of your server.