Has anyone been able to upload and install SugarCRM?

I’m particularly interested if there is a way to use wget to install it.

Hello there!
I hope this helps!

NOTE: PHP 5.3 is recommended for the ability to automatically include Upload Zips.

  1. Set up a new domain, subdomain, or folder for Sugar (done through Dreamhost GUI). For this demo, use “”.
  2. Set up a new MySQL database in Dreamhost Panel.
  3. Test DB connection from command line to ensure Dreamhost set it up properly (e.g. “mysql -u rootUser -p -h sugarMysql_db”)
  4. Download the latest Community edition, and unzip into a folder that is NOT under /home/yourUserName/ folder.) Note: if there is anything in the folder, your script will fail.(
  5. Set file and directory permissions according to Required File System Permissions on Linux (
    run file (preferably in a location like /home/yourUserName/files). Type ‘./download’ to start the process and answer the wizard questions: ENTER (to accept license), Y (install SugarCRM), Y (to install PhpMyAdmin), then enter in your folder (e.g. /home/yourUserName/, 1 (to accept typical install).
  6. Modify “/home/yourUserName/” to reflect the DB config that you made.
  7. Wizard will display a screen bar across the screen as it installs. Will take about 2 minutes.
  8. From your web browser, navigate to your Sugar folder to continue the setup process. By default, this will likely look something like “”. There you will get a wizard that will give you initial startup questions.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

I had installed sugarcrm in one subdomain… I prefer use this solution because the sugar is a big system.