I successfully installed SugarCRM on my host.
Only missing feature is inbound email, that requires imap libraries in PHP. Does anyone know how to install these libraries other than compiling php fully ?

I have not heard of any other way to install/use the IMAP libraries on Dreamhost other than compiling your own PHP (though there are several "how-to"s around on that subject), so I put Google to work on it - and had no better luck that you did.

Every source I found that was using IMAP with PHP on Dreamhost had compiled their own IMAP enabled PHP version. :frowning:

Sorry I don’t have any better news. I’ll keep my eyes open and post back if I come across anything, but it looks like “that is how it’s done” here.


Help? I followed all the suggestions under the SugarCRM wiki ( to install SugarCRM CE, but after what appears to be a successful installation and registration all I see is various “Strict Standards” and “Warnings”. Shouldn’t I see some default login page when I go to my subdomain?? Thanks for any help!