SugarCRM - tearing my hear out

I’ve installed SugarCRM (5.5.4) and everything went fine. Ran the chmods according to the installation docs, and I’m not seeing any errors in my Dreamhost apache error_log. I don’t think it’s a permissions issue in the cache, which a lot of my googling points to, because it isn’t fixed even if I set the entire SugarCRM directory to 777 (no, I don’t leave it that way :wink: This is on a Dreamhost shared server.

However, my browsers are giving me fits. Sometimes they render the CSS, but often they don’t, which makes the pages unusable. If I clear the cache, restart the browser, etc. I can sometimes make it work right. That’s on Firefox, IE, Safari on a couple different boxes.

I’m wondering if there is some Dreamhost setting that is interfering…? I’m really not sure what else the issue could be. I don’t have any other issues with any other web app on any other site.

as a temporary measure, you could use your .htaccess file to set all files to no cache or set the cache expiration times to the past, which would force the browser to download every file every time. it’s no good for speed, but it might help you troubleshoot. if everything starts working, then you’ve got a caching issue which may even be at the ISP level. you can force a refresh to re-download everything with ctrl-F5 if you want to check that way…

I’m fighting with the same issue (CSS not rendering), though mine is most definitely a permissions problem. In short, CSS wasn’t rendering after the install, but setting the entire directory to 777 fixed it. I was trying to follow the recommendations here, but previous conversations on the forum suggest that I can’t change the gid on the files to “dhapache” for a different set of security reasons.

Raindog, if you don’t mind sharing, how did you handle the permissions settings to get the install working?

Switched to Zoho CRM :wink:

I just found too many pain points in Sugar - I made changes and they wouldn’t show up unless I cleared my browser cache or restarted. After struggling with it for a couple days I gave Zoho a shot and it’s worked fine. I may go back to Sugar (after all, self-hosted Sugar is free, whereas Zoho is a license fee if you get more than a handful of users). Posted many questions on the Sugar forum but never got any answers.

I see :slight_smile: I may end up not using Sugar either – I’m not actually after a CRM solution, and am hoping to browbeat Sugar into doing what I want – but I’d like to at least try it before I discard it out of hand. I don’t suppose you recall how you set up the permissions when you did the initial install?