suEXEC and cgi environment variables


I’ve talked with the dreamhost support and got no good result. I will try my luck here.

I have a cgi program that is not receiving the POST data from an html web form. The program reads from stdin and receives nothing. I did some reading through the help articles and came to the conclusion that suEXEC is the problem here. Since suEXEC is able to clean environment variables that must be the reason why my cgi program is not receiving the input data.

Some environment variables work like REMOTE_ADDR, REMOTE_HOST, and a few others. But, QUERY_STRING does not return the user input data sent via GET. The user input data sent via POST are also wiped leaving my cgi program with nothing.

The cgi program was written in C, source code is here:

The testing page is here:

Is there something that I can do about this or is it out of my hand?


On your test page, the form’s input doesn’t have a name, so the input’s value isn’t sent to the CGI. Try something like:

<input type=“text” name=“varname”>


Lmao gosh I feel like an idiot. Thank you so much habilis.


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