Suddenly Everything Sucks

I’ve got about a dozen sites here and it’s normally been very reliable. Starting a few days ago, they’ve all been experiencing problems - mail servers unreachable, scripts failing to connect to databases, very long delays (>60s) for a response from the webserver, or Internal Server Errors.

Tech support took over 24 hours to get back to me and basically said “Well, it works right now.”

I can handle a bit of downtime if it’s along the lines of “Router #3 blew up. Service will be restored by 0600”, but this is very scary.

Anyone know what’s going on?

My site is down now. Just as the Eason Jordan story was breaking and I was on the front end. I don’t know if traffic overloaded the server or what - I can’t get an answer.

My site has been slow for several days, and no indication whether something is broken or whether this is the new low level of performance we can expect from now on.

I’m still having the mySQL problems. Support told me they were fixed and I should see a speed improvement, but well, they were wrong. Still slow as ever.

I’m still inside my 91-day money-back period and if this doesn’t get fixed, I’m outta here.

What servers are you on? your web server and your mail server?

I wish (hope and pray) that dreamhost will come up with a list of information for folks that are having issues… That the users can answer some simple questions…

Web Server… "your web server"
Mail Server…"your mail server"
What problem are you experiencing…"your problem"
Have you sent in a support question…"your answer"
The time you sent in the question…"the time"

Dreamhost has many many many many many servers…one may be experiencing issues…and the other 200 may not be. it is frustrating!!! \

This isn’t your problem gwynm, but I think it might be better for dreamhost to post a forum issue list that users can use…so we all don’t need to go check our own 30 servers we may be on to try to help other forum users with posts…

sorry for the rant…sorry for your sucky problem…hope someone on your server can help.


I would have to agree, I’m a new user and seem to be having some slow page load times, compared to my previous host. The features here are impressive, but without performance I’m about ready to go back.

Webserver: guilder
Mail: murdock
mysql: cheshire (among others)… but this is the one I’m having the problem with mostly.

Someone pointed me to a simple shell script for server load, and compared to my old host its getting swamped, it seems when the load is about even 2:1 (two processes waiting for server time)… every thing is pretty quick… lately its been running around 4-5, which is when I notice the biggest problems.

Yep, I’m a new customer, but I’ve told them if they can’t get my web control panel working by Tuesday, then please refund my money. I said just what a couple others have said here: the price and features are great on paper, but if they are not working, and working consistently, then they’re no longer any value at all.

I had hopes; their sales folks respond immediately. So I signed up for a year, but so far the panel hasn’t worked, and their support almost always takes 22 to 24 hours to respond. They actually seemed proud that they were able to respond by the end of their promised committment; to which I noted that 24hrs was supposed to be the longest it took; not the rule to expect! Actually, my past note to them was Fri 2/11/2005 6:53 PM, tracking number: 974616; to wghich I still have not had a reply, so that’s now well past 24 hrs.

With a dozen sites up hosted elsewhere, my current top picks are, and - they’re all reliable and have 24hr support, but their packages are each tailored to meet different needs. Hostony is pretty good, too.

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Same thing for me, gwynm. I’ve got the same amount of sites, have been with them for two years and everything’s been peachy until this month. Their file server outage at the beginnng of February was the start.

I’m not sure if this is just a really hard time right now and they are understaffed or if the company has changed somehow. If anyone knows (ahem, like someone from DH) it’d be great to hear something.

I have 43 sites up on dreamhost…and am adding more weekly. The email issues for me haven’t been too too bothersome. Some downage, and some filtering questions for clients. I am on about a dozen different mail servers, and the only one that has been giving us problems of late is murdock (which hasn’t had problems for us in two days.)

I am lucky that I haven’t been on the mysql server that has been slowwwww of late.

I have to just sit back and wait, it would be way way too bothersome to ever move my sites. Plus, in the two years I have been with dreamhost, I have been quite impressed. I have been with quite a few other hosts (still have some sites on other hosts that is just too hard to move due to their high hits.)

I know that there are issues, and with all the new upgrades Dreamhost has had to make due to security issues in php, awstats, etc., I realize not all will be seamless. I let my clients know that Dreamhost is doing upgrades due to these security holes and that things might be a bit rough right now.

I realize it is hard for Dreamhost to ask their clients to be patient whilst they figure out what is going on. Acknowledgement, even just here in the forums, “hey were working on it, and here is what were doing, here is each server issue, and here is a projected date/time, but hey dreamhost users that date/time could change.” I am not even sure if the problems that Murdock was facing are fixed, or jimmied, or they didn’t do anything and it just started working on its own.


Well, as of last night things were still broken, so I’ve started the migration (to I can forgive the downtime, but not the lack of communication.

Murphy’s law being what it is, look for dreamhost to suddenly suck a lot less as soon as I’ve got everything moved over…

[quote]If anyone knows (ahem, like someone from DH) it’d be great to hear something.


Jeff? Now that Will has left. :wink: :: ::

Will left? That’s a real shame. Where was the news?

[quote]I’ve started the migration (to


At about 5x the price, no?

Yup. I’m paying $US35/month for pretty much the same service, just a bit more often.

[quote]Will left? That’s a real shame. Where was the news?


In the Offtopic forum here.


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Ah, thanks.

I’ve been waiting for things to get better, but I have a client who just told me to fix it one way or another and I’m growing a bit weary of the site slowness myself. Right now server/MYSQL response time is in excess of 55 seconds after a request. It’s awful.

Sadly, I’m prepaid for another 20 months. Does anyone know if I can get some sort of a refund? Has anyone tried this?

I noticed today that when my site was being excessively slow – and not just the database-driven parts – the load average of the server hovered over 16, sometimes reaching up to 20.

I’m seeing a load average of about 3 on murdock… compared to 0.16 on my new host. I’m not sure what support@dreamhost’s load average is, because it’s been 48 hours and they haven’t gotten back to me yet (about changing TTL for nameservers, because with a two-day TTL it’s hard to do a clean cutover).

Well I gotta say I am not happy.
Everything has gone to pot and can’t even create a new DB.
I sent a support req. over 4 hours ago and nothing.
I jumped on here and started reading all the complaints and now I am worried I’ve been ripped off for a years hosting.

You would figure their support would be much better for paying customers. ESPECIALLY when they pay a year or more in advance.

And I have noticed that there is no phone number to reach a person to talk to.

I am NOT a happy customer. I