Suddenly Denied Email Access-Can't Login, over 24 hours

Two days ago, while logging into email from the Webmail dropdown on the home page, was denied with error “user name or password incorrect”. Tried logging on once inside Web Hosting Control Panel, did not work. Tried resetting password (says two hours), still not working 24 hours later. Two service tickets, still waiting.

Hi MayesMarketing,

Thank you for contacting us for help! Please supply us with a support ticket# or a domain name on the account and we can look into the status,

Matt C

MayesMarketing, this is a long-standing and well-known webmail error. I and others have encountered it for years.

It is common to get that message 1) while looking at the Inbox after you have already logged in, and also 2) while trying to load a message from the Inbox (again, after you’re logged in).

In both cases, the only known workaround for #1 is to click on a different folder and then back on Inbox, and 2) click on Inbox and then try the message again.

If the message errors out the same way, the only known workaround is to drag it to a different folder and then read it in that folder.

These errors are persistent, so you must be as well. :wink:

I suspect either an indexing issue, or perhaps a self-signed SSL cert that doesn’t play well with modern browsers.

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