Suddenly cannot access database in my forum



so I can read and view posts in my forum, but sometime today the ability to access the database or write to it stopped.
this means you can’t log in
if you are logged in, you cannot post or edit
this includes me the Admin.
well, those are the symptoms I don’t know if I am saying it correctly.

this is an extremely low-traffic forum. How do I begin trying to track down where the problem is?
I have never really liked the forum (DCforum+) anyways, maybe this is the excuse I need to move to a new one.


Usually, reading posts on a forum necessitates accessing the database, so if you can read posts you are likely reaching the database.

The first thing I would do is to try to connect to the database via phpMyAdmin by browsing to the hostname. If that doesn’t work, it’s a pretty good indication that something may be wrong with the database/host; if it does work, then the problem is likely with your forum. :wink:



well, I just checked my GALLERY install and I have the same problems there, even as Admin, I cannot add comments, upload anything or edit anything. Also, on a different browser I am not able to log in as well. Coincidence?


I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, though I’d generally think the problems are related. :wink:

Did you try logging in to your MySQL host’s phpMyAdmin interface by browsing to the host? If so, what happened when you tried to do that?

What error messages are you receiving?



I was able to log in to both separately via the phpMyAdmin interface.

I did not notice any error messages, but since I have never been to that page before, I don’t really know what I am looking for.


I’m having a similiar problem with my wordpress/phpbb installs - no form submits, it just reloads. Logins, comments, etc.

Are you on the [marge] server?


Well, that tends to indicate that your database is reachable via the MySQL host.

You shouldn’t have seen any error messages if you successfully logged in via phpMyAdmin; I was asking about what, if any, error messages you get when you are unable to post. etc. from your forum.



I am having the same problem. Originally I thought someone hacked my vbulletin then I realized I can no longer login to other mysql databases hosted here… I to can access databases via my phpadmin. It appears noone has been able to post (if they are currently logged in) or login to our systems since about today at 6PM PST. Would like to hope they are working on the issue. Just submitted a support ticket… Hopefully this will be resolved soon as the last issue we had it took over 48 hours to get it resolved.


Got it
All the php apps (phpb/wordpress) use the older $HTTP_POST_VARS. For php to support that “register_long_arrays” in php.ini needs to be set to On.

Looking at marge’s php.ini file, its set to off ->

register_long_arrays = Off

is set in php.ini

Now, how to get support to change it back?



I hope that is the solution and they change it back quickly.


Gah, $_POST doesn’t work either, so it may not be that.

Found a similar dreamhost issue from 2005:


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You can ‘change it back’ yourself by customising your own php.ini (see Wiki).


Seems problem with MySQL servers is spreading – now is offline too!

[quote]Error establishing a database connection

This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at This could mean your host’s database server is down.[/quote]


No it isn’t :slight_smile:


I hardly see that as a reason for joy - databases have been inaccessible for 16-hrs (problems started at 14.30 PST yesterday).

BTW if status wasn’t offline, why did the error message appear?


Same issue here, also filled out two tech tickets since last night with no respond yet… hopefully this will be resolved soon.


No idea, but it’s not offline as you stated :wink:


this appears to be confirmed elsewhere:

unfortunately the suggested “solution” is not something I wish to even begin to attempt.

Now that a number of people have submitted Trouble Tickets, I suspect they will get to work on it and figure it out. They have in the past, I see no reason for them not to do it this time.