Sudden Reduced Memory Usage

this is not a complaint…I am just curious if anyone else is experiencing this:

Last night the Irvine Data Center was experiencing some down-times on some servers. Many of my websites were down for several hours.

Websites are all back up today. One peculiar side-effect: Memory usage on my VPS is (quite literally) half of what it was before.
the ziggety line was previously riding the 300~350mb mark.
it is now riding between 100~150 mark…and has been for most of the day.

I wonder why…
I wonder if this will keep up. I certainly hope so.

That is what happens when I reboot my server – the cache memory line goes almost to zero, then slowly climbs over the days. Maybe you got rebooted?

It certainly was rebooted, but this is something different than cache slowly creeping up. Memory usage is still low since I originally posted this message.

Hopefully this will continue. The only logical explanation I can think of is that the VPS Spirits suddenly felt I had been through enough and have decided I am worthy of a low-memory, stable VPS

Actually, now that I think about it, I did recently disable an hourly cron-job that had been running. It was a backup script. I wonder if that c-job being disabled, coupled with a server reboot lowered my cache level.
Viewing my graph, I can see that there was a slight rise in memory usage right at midnight, which is when I have my daily (once a day) back-up script running. The level goes down a couple of hours later.
It would stand to reason that an hourly back-up might cause a larger cached memory throughout the day.