Sudden FTP issues

A couple of years ago I wrote a Windows app which involved FTP-ing files to my Dreamhost account. This was mainly for a friend who has been using the app regularly ever since.

However it suddenly stopped working and refuses to upload any files now. Appears to log in okay but the file upload always fails. So I try it my end and it suddenly wont work for me either with identical behaviour. So to me this rules out any issues local to the computer. Me and my friend are on different ISPs also.

We both try using regular FTP software instead and that works fine with Dreamhost. But for some reason after a couple of years the app I wrote has suddenly stopped working.

Is anyone aware of any changes with Dreamhost’s FTP system within the last coupe of weeks which might of caused this?

For what it’s worth I developed the app in Delphi using a common publically available FTP component. I’d like to see if there’s any outside issues before I spend time trying to solve it my end. Can’t really spare the time at the moment.

My friend has just signed up to a new ISP (with limited storage so a temporary measure) in desperation and my app is FTP-ing files up to the server just fine. Also tried it with a previous ISP and again no issues. It’s just with Dreamhost for some odd reason.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

And you’re using the same account to test with manually and programatically, right? DreamHost did add a few extra account privilege options that allow you to have a shell account with ftp access disabled.

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The OP said that regular FTP software does work and that their app seems to log in, but can’t upload.

I’m not an FTP expert troubleshooter, but I’d take stabs at things like Active vs. Passive mode. Or check for pathnames in the custom application.


I think sdayman may be on a promising track - if your app used the “full” path at the time it might have included the “dataglob”, and they do change on occasion as DreamHost reconfigures server set-ups.

You should always have programs/script refer to the “symbolic” link (use the /home/username path instead of the actual /home/.dataglob/username path) instead, to prevent this type of “borkage”.