Such a Noob Question, but

…I’m completely new to DH and although the web panel for the most part is just something else to get used to and pretty straight forward, I seem to be hitting a brick wall in setting up email. I was told before that I could set up a single user (for myself, later I’ll be reselling some space) and a single mailbox with that user, then for the 5 or so domains I have, I can use them all with that one mailbox.

My problem is that when I try and set up an email address, I can select ‘user1’ fine. Then I try and create a 2nd, and it’ll only let me choose between 2 test usernames I deleted originally.

Can anyone please explain exactly what I’m doing to set it up? It’s probably very very simple and I’ve just put too much thought into it, lol. Is there a way I can set up a single username for myself to keep say 5 domains under, and then set up the email addresses for all those domains without having to set up separate usernames for each one?

It seems that what you want is that the new email addresses are all forwarded to the original address, correct?

Half the problem is that the only 2 usernames it’ll let me choose from are usernames I created as test accounts and then deleted, but that’s another issue I think.

I have one domain which is used for web design services, it has 3 main email addresses (sales, support and Would I have to set up a separate user for all 3 email addresses or can I create 1 username that all 3 addresses go through as one mailbox?

The reason I’m probably explaining it wrong is cos I had an idea of how I thought DH was working, and then when I tried it out, my webpanel seems to be saying otherwise. Now I’m just lost altogether :(. My old setup was using cpanel/whm, which let me create all the email addresses separately (1 per domain, except the main one which had 3) and then I could pick them all up in Outlook separately. They all had their own username/passwords for that – is DH the same?

It’d probably help if someone hit me over the head with the stoopid stick, then went step by step through exactly what I’ve gotta click on to set it up lol.

Yes. You can have as many addresses as you’d like forwarding to the one mailbox.

Firstly, create the mailbox for your domain (if it has not already been created) like so;

Enter the default address for the mailbox ‘Email sent to [SomeName]@[SomeDomain]’

Make sure ‘also deliver to this DreamHost mailbox:’ is ticked and fill in your mailbox name, password and restrictions etc.

Click ‘Create Address’

Now you will need to create all the addresses that will forward to the mailbox the you just created;

Enter the address ‘Email sent to [SomeName]@[SomeDomain]’

Make sure ‘will be delivered to these email addresses:’ is selected and enter the default mailbox address (the one you created above) in the large edit box immediately below.

Make sure ‘also deliver to this DreamHost mailbox:’ is not ticked.

Click ‘Create Address’

Repeat this for the other addresses you wish to forward to the mailbox.


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