Such a dumb mistake!

I entered the wrong email address when registering for Dreamhost! I’ve emailed support a couple times, but I was already charged for the domain name, so I feel like I should have some sort of access (it said I wouldn’t be charged until after the trial period. “no hidden fees” it said). Is there anyone here than can help me switch emails on my account so I can access my account?

If you have access to you can change that yourself.

How did you email support? If you did anything other than use this form they might not be getting your message. To reach the people most able to help you, choose the “forgot password” option in that form.

FYI, the free HOSTING trial IS free. What you have been charged for is a domain registration. Once a domain’s registered it is yours to use for a year, whether that be here at dreamhost or elsewhere. You could have also used a domain you already own (even if it’s registered somewhere else) or a free subdomain for the trial. As you went thru the trial setup process the screen did change and tell you that you were getting charged today for a domain (The process is clear if you read the screen, since I answer alot of questions in this forum I just tried the free trial signup process the other day to understand why people commonly complain the free trial is not free, and I can say dreamhost does make this clear during signup to those that read.)

As long as you sign up for a paid account after the free trial, that domain that you already paid for CAN be made the free domain included in the hosting package, and you will only pay the difference. More info here.

Haha. Um, so you post a link to an outside resource stating information that was at no way present when I signed up. The cost to register a domain clearly stated FREE in bold letters as I entered my account information. I’m sorry if I somehow missed this outside link, but I was almost positive that I wasn’t going to be charged. With that being said, I did make the mistake of registering the wrong email account. Since I do not have access to that email, I cannot access the panel. Does that make sense? Thank you for the reply. Hopefully I can get someone to either change my account information for me seeing as I cannot access my account, or refund the amount I was charged.
And yes, I messaged administrators using the forgotten password link. Apparently they are notoriously slow to respond as per other statements I’ve read. I’m really not wanting to be rude, but my experience thus far with this service has not been a pleasant one.

Here is the exact screen in question:

Note the two lines above the “continue” button.

Have you tried navigating to and putting in the incorrect email address for "
Email Address or Web ID: " and the password you selected on the screen before the one captured above? Even if your account is in pending limbo, I think you should be able to at least login to the panel and find an active contact support link.

The dreamhost wiki is not an outside link, but I wouldn’t have expected you to have found that info before I linked you to it, I merely supplied that link as means of further clarification.

As for the first link, I included it for a specific reason. To make sure you were contacting support the correct way. If you are emailing support at some address, it won’t get there. Once you have an open ticket you can REPLY to emails from support, but you can not open a new ticket via email… to do that you must either use the contact form linked or use the panel.
Correction: Actually the “learn more” link in those two line above the continue button take you to the exact wiki page I linked.

Okay, the dreamhost wiki link is not an outside link. You got me there. It’s information that was not available during the time of signup, which was my point. I was waiting for you to post a screen grabbed image… Always read the fine print, no? Trust me, I’ve been burned for $2000 before by someone who clearly told me refunds were acceptable, but they also had a sign somewhere in their store that read “reserves the right to no refunds”, even when the receipt and the sales person told me I could refund the item. So I’ve seen a trick like this before. Got burned by it before to. Says free, but then says something contrary to that statement below it. It was my mistake for even signing up in the first place. I have no one to blame but myself. It’s 11.95 though. I’m not kicking up dust about that as much as I’m concerned about not being able to access my account. Yes, I have entered the address that I initially signed up with. I’m just as confused as you are as to why I’m not able to log on. It’s my fault as to why I can’t log in, but the lack of customer service is what’s disconcerting.
So in short, I will be contacting my bank about a fraudulent charge, and will be closing my bank account due to the fact that I will probably be charged for a service I cannot access. Have a wonderful day!

I admit that I wish they would put something like the “$11.95 today” portion that text in bright red bold to force you to pay attention to the fine print, especially since the fine print changes depending on what you the in the domain box. On the other hand, I really don’t think they should change the font size or attributes of that statement. Personally I read the fine print better and more often than I read normal size text. :wink:

Then again before your done with the process it’s clear that you are getting charged “today”.

Good luck my friend =]

I agree. It’s always in the consumer’s best interest to review all text before signing on the dotted line. BUT, The fact that it also says “free” is misleading at best. I don’t care how you try and rationalize it, whether it be deducting the amount from monthly charges, or whatever. It’s deceiving… but also a common part of business transactions. Having the word free and then a footnote is a silly thing in my opinion. If they had explained the process in full, without contradicting terms, I would have had no problem with paying 11.95. 12 dollars to secure a domain and to also try a host site is just fine by me. It’s the way the charge was done that bothers me. And it doesn’t seem as though I’m the only one that got confused by the whole process. Oh well, hopefully others will read this, or the many other threads relating to this topic, before they make the same mistake. Thanks for your time and responses! :slight_smile:

to beat a dead horse further…

– the range of possibilites on that screen is pretty wide. The exact outcome depends on what’s typed in the domain name box at the top. Some tld’s have different annual fees and therefor different responses about what’s free or can be free vs what’s not. Until you enter in the domain name it can’t tell you which circumstance you fit into.

and most importantly:

– If you DON’T continue with dreamhost after the free trial, that domain is NOT lost to you. You can use that domain with ANY host. Change the nameservers to use another hosts DNS and it’s still all yours exclusively until the expiration date.

Either way… You DO sign up for dreamhost hosting, it becomes free as part of the hosting package, or you DON’T sign up for dreamhost hosting you use the domain with some other host.

I agree the difference between HOSTING and DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS are often not clear to people doing it for the first time. One other thing you may not realize yet is that dreamhost (as does any domain registrar) pays a 3rd party for that registration. They would be out of business quickly if people could abort free trials to get free use of a domain elsewhere for a year without paying for it.

formysite6969: I apologize if you have found our customer service lacking so far. We try to answer all support tickets within our 24-hour guarantee. We have been a bit backed up recently with a large amount of incoming support, so we’re trying to catch up as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

That said, I see you have already been in communication with our team regarding the verification of your account. We have your newest open ticket, so the team handling your issue will be able to reply as soon as humanly possible. Thanks!

Well thanks for your response. My main concern is that my account will not be billed after the trial period. I’d also like for my money to be refunded, but if that is not possible then I will be forced to ask my bank to take action. This isn’t a threat. That’s just what I will be forced to do. I was planning on closing the account before this incident, so no worries there. I can provide my name and address for refund purposes if need be. Not sure why this has to be so complicated, but I do understand that busy times call for setbacks. I’m new to this whole process so that does add to my confusion. As for LakeRat explaining the whole process to me. I get it. Thanks! lol. I look forward to hearing back from dreamhost customer support…

Hi formysite, i have no interest in dreamhost, but I got a similar problem at the begining (2months ago) and they never charged me for this! So don’t worry.