Successfully Installed proftpd administrator on VPS?

hello –

and thank you for your time. i have been so far without success trying to install proftpd administrator:

when i go through the installation process, i keep getting db related errors. upon further reading i found that a VPS environment has some restrictions on what can be done through a script, specifically:

CREATE DATABASE proftpd_admin;


GRANT ALL ON usertable TO proftpd@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘foo’;
GRANT ALL ON grouptable TO proftpd@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘foo’;
GRANT ALL ON xfer_stat TO proftpd@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘foo’;

the manual tells me to run:

mysql -u root -p < misc/database_structure_mysql/db_structure.sql

but that won’t work. so i am trying it with:

mysql -h -u mysql_user -p < misc/database_structure_mysql/db_structure.sql

and tried to modify the above code, but i can’t create the proper db_name nor users using the panel as they are already taken. does that essentially mean that i would have to alter all the scripts to use a db and user created through the panel?

cluesless, clearly.

thank you though :slight_smile: