Successful Requests vs. Successful Requests Pages?


Successful requests:
Successful requests for pages:

Can somebody please explain the difference between these in the Dreamhost stats page and which is more meaningful for stats? I see the # of requests for pages is quite a bit less than total successful requests and I guess I just don’t understand what each is telling me. Thank you in advance.


I found what I needed in the knowledge base…


Reading through as much as I can find, I still don’t understand why my requests are 6x my pageviews??? I would think they would be farily close as most should be php or html views…


Every single file that is requested from the server is considered a request. This includes .html, .jpg, .gif, .php, favicon.ico, etc…

If your page has 5 images I think you would be getting 6 requests per pagerequest (5 images plus 1 html file).

Unless your page is just an html file, your requests and page requests will never be the same.