Success to ping but cant browse


My site hosted in dreamhost. suddenly “page can’t display” is showing, but I can ping my site!!!

Another thing is that: from my local server, I can browse my site. but problem is happaning from all client PCs (all of us domain user).

What kind od problem is this?

Please help…



What’s your site? Not much we can do with the limited information you gave us.





Working fine for me in Los Angeles. Do you have other sites here? If so, how are they performing? If not, then browse a few posts for other domains hosted here and try them.



Hi Scott,
Yes, I can access all another sites nicely without any problem.
This is happaning only with this site.

Additional info: I can access from local server, but not from client PC.


Hi Scott,
It’s fixed. The main reason they’ve changed the IP Address.

But without information!!!


IP addresses can change over time, which is why it’s important to use DreamHost’s DNS servers, or be extra vigilant when using an external name server. Should they replace the server or move you to another server, the IP address will change, as will the SSH host key.