Subversioon post-commit hook

hi -

i believe i’ve setup my post-commit hook properly. it executes correctly by hand and setuid on the post-commit file. it does not execute properly when i actually commit to the repository however. any ideas? i followed the instructions on the wiki.

ok i set post-commit to simply do this:


int main()
FILE *f;
f = fopen(“test.txt”,“w”);
fprintf(f,“Hello World\n”);
return 0;

so it writes a hello world. it is writing to the “hooks” directory so it should write regardless of if it executes as my user or the dhapache user because both are writeable to that dir. i even set perms to 777 for both the file and dir to test. still no luck. should i raise this issue to dreamhost support at this point?

and i just changed it so that it was the full quantified path to the test.txt file … still no luck.