I created a new subversion project last night at

As you can see I did not create a new subdomain “svn.” under I did not want to do this because I want a subversion repository at that subdomain for another purpose.

No directory was created named “/dallasconsultinggroup” as I expected but a new directory named as the project number was created under the “/svn” subdirectory of my root user directory. Not expecting this but no problem.

I have the project set up as Private and I have defined the usernames and passwords in the DH panel. When I attempt to access the project URL I get a 404 error from my website I have switched the project from Private to Public and back a couple of times to try to access it through a web browser. I get the 404 error when it is Private and I get a page that is an empty directory with a message at the bottom that says something like ‘Powered by Subversion’. I am never asked for a username and password.

What am I doing wrong?