ok…so i wanted to install trac, so i followed a guide and hooray after 5days of compile and recompile and make clean’s i’ve finally got it up and working. so what brings me here you ask? well i’ve created a repository with “svnadmin create ~/repos/learning_c”, but i want this repository accessible from the web for example “svn co whatever”. i’ve noticed that this is done automatically when using the webpanel to create the subversion repository, additionally i’ve noticed that repo.access and repo.passwd are generated.

I have an upgraded version of subversion at 1.4.3 using clearsilver, how would i make the repository accessible from the web even though it is in ~/repos/…

any takes…bump.

I dunno if anyone has done this. Is there something that prevents you from creating the project in the panel?

From another thread I read on the boards, I think there may be some special settings related to http access to Subversion directories that the panel sets up - maybe having to do with the extra http methods used by Subversion?

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yes there is. dreamhost currently doesn’t have subversion compiled with clearsilver, which is required in order to use trac with subversion. I guess right now the only solution to this is to setup public user accounts for access to he subversion repository