Subversion Trunk/Branch/Tag?



If I create a subversion repository through the web panel, what are the steps to add the typical trunk/branch/tag directories to that repository?


The wiki is your friend:



I’ve read the wiki. It doesn’t explain this. At least not in a way that I understand if it does. I’m looking for a more detailed tutorial if anyone has one. I am still fairly new to using svn on the command line.



If you’ve got a brand new subversion repository that you haven’t put anything into yet, then creating trunk/branch/tags directories is as easy as creating those directories in your local file system before you svn import your data. If you’re trying to add trunk/branch/tags to an existing repository, svn mkdir the directories, then svn move your code into the newly created trunk, then svn commit.

Working with subversion controlled files isn’t too different than working with regular files, except that you have to tell subversion what you’re doing =)