Subversion trouble with locking

I had Subversion working for a while on my Dreamhost shared account, having installed the binaries myself. However, a day ago I started getting the error: “Can’t get shared lock on file '/home/locke61dv/SVNREPOS/locks/db.lock: no locks available”.

At this time I learned that DH had installed their own version of Subversion (yay!) and tried getting rid of my own repository & binaries, so that “which svn” pointed to the DH copy. Except that… I could create new repositories, but these repositories reported the same locking error! Any suggestions?

This appears to be the same issue as described at:

There is a possible fix described there that involves modifying the Subversion source.

Would this mean I should recompile my code, rather than using the installed binaries from Dreamhost?

Yes, you would have to recompile your own version of Subversion to apply the change.

The comment on that blog post from Nate does suggest that Dreamhost are looking into this issue though. Maybe you should contact support and ask them if they have a solution yet.