Subversion PROPFIND 500 error


I created a subversion repository through the panel last night. It’s visible there, and I got an email about it.

When I tried to import to it, I got the following:

$ pwd
$ cd
$ svn import -m "Initial import"
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/HAdev’
svn: PROPFIND of ‘/HAdev’: 500 Internal Server Error (

No clue what’s wrong or how to proceed. Anybody?


svn import fails …

On the presumption that you created the repository as a secure repository, meaning that you require username and password to access the repository, then your import command would require specification of username and password. … like so:

$ svn import --username yourusername – password yourpassword -m “Initial import”



Thanks for the reply, Birdsong.

Apparently, the problem is with my .htaccess file, somewhere within the following:

#this stops screen flicker in IE
BrowserMatch “MSIE” brokenvary=1
BrowserMatch “Mozilla/4.[0-9]{2}” brokenvary=1
BrowserMatch “Opera” !brokenvary
SetEnvIf brokenvary 1 force-no-vary
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault A18000
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000

These had been suggested by DH support due to a problem with IE where dynamically generated pages would halt with a blank screen, forcing the user to hit reload.

I commented out this section and was able to import my directory as follows:

svn import -m “Initial import”

However, now I keep getting this error:

$ svn status
svn: ‘’ is not a working copy

Also, are you supposed to be able to do anything through the web interface other than just look at the code? If not, I guess that’s why one installs Tortoise…