Subversion Post-commit

I am wondering if anyone has had any luck getting SVN post-commit hook scripts to work? The permissions and ownership are correct (I believe) with dhapache being the owner and having execute permission.

Does anyone know where SVN logs error messages for this kind of thing?

I also tried without success to get the post-commit script to work (email me the diffs of each checkin). If anyone has help for me or gsingers, we’d appreciate it!

working perfectly here. Post what you have in post-commit and I’ll take a look.

Please confirm the following:-

you have a file named “post-commit” not "post-commit.tmpl"
the file is in the directory ~/svn/repoName/hooks/ <–repoName is your repository name
have you made the file executable? If not then do so
please post what you get when you ssh into your hooks directory and issue the command: