Subversion not working on new account

I have used subversion before, never seen anything like this.

I created a subdomain:
I created a repository at that domain
I try to connect to that repository. It asks for the username/password, which I enter and it accepts. Then I get this message:
Could not open the requested SVN filesystem
From what I can tell, this is a permissions problem. Is there something special I have to do at the file system level to give permission?

I got this last night as well as today too.

I contacted Dreamhost but have not heard back yet.

I also contacted support and have not heard back. In fact, subversion is the only thing I plan to use this DreamHost account for. I will post here if I hear back or am able to resolve this myself. I don’t believe there is anything more I can do.

That’s the only thing I’m using it for too.

I’ll post back as well if I hear anything.


I got an email from the robot that a new repository was created. Looks like support created a repository on my account to troubleshoot the ticket I submitted. Now subversion works! I first tested their repository, worked great… from the browser you just see the revision number (zero to start). Then I tried it from my SVN client and it worked nicely. The repositories I created earlier also work and new repositories that I create work too.

It’s been 2 days since I created my dreamhost account. It’s been just under 24 hours since I submitted the support ticket. I’m not sure if it is the 2 days or the support ticket that made it work… no reply to my support ticket (yet) and I don’t see a way to reply myself to let them know it is working.

Anyway, even thought the wiki says it should be working when you can browse to the repository it may in fact be that you need to wait longer or that support may have to setup something manually.

I know the wiki said you might have to wait for the DNS to propogate and that might cause something. But I was able to browse my new domain not long after so it had already propogated for me.

Glad its working for you now. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet. Keep me posted.

Thanks for the info.

Ya, I know what you mean. I had the same experience, my domain had propagated and was resolving (at least on my ISP) within a couple hours so I assumed it would work. Maybe that’s all it was. I’m not sure where else it would have to resolve from for SVN to work though, I mean the DreamHost servers shouldn’t require resolution… you’d think they’d add that record manually, but who knows. I guess yours should work within a couple days at the most then.

I just got this message from Support that explains what the problem was.

I’m very sorry for the problems you experienced with SVN on your server
today. The problem (as you may have noticed) was with one of the
libraries not properly installed on the server.

One of our admins has gone through and successfully installed the correct
libraries for SVN on your server. Go ahead and give running SVN another
shot on your server (my tests show everythign is working correctly now.)

I got the same message, but I had to delete my repository and create a new one to get it to work. Luckily it was empty.

Cool, glad it’s working for you. Good luck with your project.