Subversion lags

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing serious lag issues primarily with using subversion. I’ve tried sending in support requests to DreamHost, but to no avail: after 3 requests, they still have not gotten back to me in over a week. I’m not sure where I can turn to, so I thought I’d post the issue to this forum.

My server is mcclure. After logging in via ssh, I run the following command:

svn co

After benchmarking this command, I found it to take approximately 9 minutes to complete. On the other hand, my computer takes approximately 13 seconds to complete. There are no high cpu loads and there is plenty of memory available.

I’m having trouble understanding why Subversion is lagging so much on mcclure. The major reason this is causing an issue is that it’s taking hours for me to check out code from my subversion repository on mcclure when it should only be taking minutes.

I have tried using both a locally installed version of Subversion and the globally installed version. Both exhibit the same behavior. In addition, this behavior is the same regardless of whether it is a remote or local repository being checked out.

I appreciate any insight into this issue or suggestions on where to go from here. Thanks!