Subversion headaches


Okay, so subversion works on my server, apparently. The repository happens to be there and everything, anyway. But, when I go to do anything to it, I get permission denied errors. What have I screwed up?


I had the same problem. I think some of the problem was that it was not working correctly before when I had tried it. And, now that they have fixed it. It doesn’t “fix” any previous versions.

Remove the repository from the subversion control panel. Then delete the files in your ~/svn/ directory. Then create it again. That worked for me.



I had this problem, too. I made some mistakes loading my dumpfile, and recreated the repo with “svnadmin create”. Bad idea.

The Panel creates the repository with “dhapache” as the owner, and the reponame.access and reponame.passwd files with “dhapache” as the group. Trying to create your own repo with “svnadmin create” is futile because you don’t have authorization to change those ownerships and group memberships (and you’re not a sudoer).

Also: don’t overwrite your reponame.access and reponame.passwd files with ‘echo >’ (e.g. if you’re trying to use MD5 passwords). Use an editor and paste in the new data. Overwriting will cause the files to have your user’s group instead of “dhapache”. If your repository is relatively mature when you make this mistake, and you have no backup, you could be toast.



Added this information to the wiki.