Subversion: excusive lock?

Anyone else having trouble putting stuff in subversion? I haven’t touched Dreamhost in 2 months but now svn isn’t working. I can’t commit to existing repositories (that I’d been using daily) or import to new ones. I get the following error:

svn: Can’t get exclusive lock on file ‘/home//svn//db/transactions/24-1.txn/rev-lock’: No locks available

Did a search online and people were implying the issue is not with subversion, but with file permissions … however, I haven’t changed anything and svn has magically broken. Um, confused here. This has got to be a trivial thing … did I miss a memo?

btw, this magically fixed itself after 3 days. No system changes of my own, yet it works fine now. I’d love to know what DH did; what the actual problem was…

Since all the svn repository files are owned by dhapache, it might just have been some kind of filesystem problem that was solved by some kind of reset. Has your server recently been restarted? OTOH, it might have been some kind of NFS issue that got fixed.

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I would love to know, too. It just started happening on my svn repositories. The only thing that I can think of is that I recently checked the “Enhanced security?” on the account. Now I’m getting the lock error. I also noticed that I’m seeing a lot of “(13)Permission denied: Could not open password file: //.passwd” in the error.log file the domain.

I just checked. It looks like my server was rebooted yesterday. I’ll post a message to DreamHost support.