Subversion & domain name use


On the wiki, it is suggested that if I wanted to use svn+ssh I should checkout my repo at a url like this:

svn+ssh://{user}@svn.yourdomain.ext/home/{user}/svn/{project}However I want to use something like the following url that’s similar to the one I would use if I were to access my svn repo via HTTP:

svn+ssh://{user}@svn.yourdomain.ext/{project}Is the second method possible?

Your question got me thinking and I found the following intriguing article:

If you don’t get any better pointers and do decide to try it out, let me know. I might try it out this weekend!

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Well I followed what it says and modified my authorized_keys file to something like:

command="svnserve -t -r --tunnel-user=userABC" /home/<domain>/svn/" ssh-rsa XXXSTUFFFYYYY userABC@lira And tried to ‘svn list’ but there’s no SVN dir avail.

I guess the second method would work.