Subversion client missing; upgraded to DreamhostPS

Hey guys

I was just upgraded to Dreamhost PS today. Unfortunately, I think this has broken my subversion client. I get svn: command not found when I try to update my website (from a Dreamhost repository). Thankfully, the repository is still there, and I can still access it.

My main concern is that if this has broken, what else might have changed? How can I check this? What changes occur at a configuration level when the server is upgraded to Dreamhost PS?

I’d also like to know if there is any reason to not install the latest Subversion v1.5.0 (as a way of fixing this problem). Until today my setup was running great with the default subversion, and WebSVN.

Thanks for any help. I’m a big fan of Dreamhost. I didn’t mention that my setup is quite customised. I didn’t, however, play much with SVN - except for installing WebSVN.

Thanks again