Subuser use panel?


Hi. I am a mere subuser. My freiend pays the bills and was nice enough to let me put my website on his accout.

My question is all the ‘change xyz in the panel’ doesn’t apply to me, right? Subusers don’t get to use the panel, right?


It depends on how your friend has set things up.

If he has simply created a machine user for your domain, then you will only have FTP and/or SSH access.

However, your friend can create a new WEBID (panel log-in) and give this WEBID certain panel privileges for your domain. This is done by going to Billing -> Account Privileges in the panel.

If you really want/need panel access, you could ask your friend to create such a WEBID for you. Of-course, the other option is to purchase a hosting plan for yourself. :slight_smile:


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