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Hey all,

I’m setting up a mailing list.
I’ve used this code

Name: E-mail:

After I customized the code I keep getting this message.

"For some reason we cannot determine the domain your form is on.You’re going to have to tell us by including a line like

within your html form."

I’ve try different ways of setting up this line but it doesn’t seem to work, I still get the same error message.
How should this line read


the “” you replace with your own domain name. in my case it would be “” . you just use your actualy domain name.

hey thanks

now i getting this message

Your list “” at domain “” is invalid!
(The list address is invalid: alias is blank).

here is what i have so far.
for the code if you can see what i’m doing wrong.



That’s a mess… Having not used that particular script, I’m not entirely sure what all the proper values need to be, but I’m completely certain that “” isn’t a proper thing to put into the “name” attribute of a form field, as that means you’re saying that the name of the field is your URL; maybe the value of the field should be that, but not the name of it.

– Dan

Here is the code that i’m using.
If it helps
I’ve tried many different ways but can’t seem to get it to work.
If anyone see what i’m doing wrong please let me know.


Ya i have set up the mailing list stuff.

i if your have prob with the code then, I’m glad it not just me but i’m sure it went wrong somewhere.

If any one think they know what i did wrong plaese feel free to let me know.


Ok here is the code for the page.

East Coast Productions - Home

Home - DJs - Links- Media- Events - Boards - Info
East Coast Productions Copy right 2004

Check Your East Coast Productions


Current News:

April 22nd: The launch of out web site. With lots more to be added.

April 19th: We are looking for DJs to play under the East Coast Productions name. For more info check out the DJ's link.

April 16th: East Coast Productions did a LIVE radio interview with
CBC One. We are still waiting on getting the interview from CBC. Once we do
it will be up on this site for all to hear.

April 11th: Well, as most people know the party on the 10th was
shut down due to a fire code violation. We still have not found out what
that fire code was.

and here is the code for the mailing list.

Name: E-mail:

here is the link on how to customize the mailing list code

Thanks Tyson