Subscribe by name not email possible?

I’m trying to set up an announce list for members of my union to subscribe on their own. It seems that I need to have their email for this to work. I only have names and addresses of our members.

Is there a way to allow members to subscribe based on a name list without having to check them individually? There are over 550 members.

How do you plan to send them e-mail if you don’t have their e-mail addresses?

Perhaps you’re not really looking for an announcement list? Or there’s something else involved that you haven’t mentioned?

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

We would be collecting their email when they sign up so that we can send them the monthly minutes from our meetings. This would save us from having to collect them across 9 buildings. I would use an announcement list for this, right?

We also need them to sign up to have access to certain parts of the site. Only members of our union should be able to enter, but I’m having trouble setting that up. It seems that the password protected directories are set by me. However, I need people to choose their own password, the way I do when I log in to merchant websites. What is that called? I can’t seem to put in the right keyword to get to the information I need in the KB.


I don’t think there’s an existing “goodie” at Dreamhost to do exactly what you want to do.

Restricting access to certain parts of the site could be accomplished by using a CMS (content management system) like Joomla(available as a one-click install at DH), PHPNuke, PostNuke, or one of the other jillion that are out there. You can have certain areas of the site that require “membership” - ie. people have to sign up. Since you’re trying to restrict your members to your actual union membership, you would probably have to set your preferences so that an admin would have to manually approve each and every new member.

With the Dreamhost announcement list service, you can import a spreadsheet of email addresses (although they would still need to opt-in to your list). Once you added them to the list, you can have the announcement list send them a message telling them “click on this link if you want to be subscribed.” You could go through this manual process once a week with the email addresses you gather from your site membership.

It’s not the easiest solution, but I don’t think you’re going to have an automated solution for everything you want.

Good luck!