Subfolder setup

Alright I new to how you guys do things, how do you all do your folder system. on my other host when you log in through FTP you see folders as follows:

in order to allow HTML file to work you have to put files within the htdocs folder and give them the right permissions 755 or whatever.
if you want a subdomain you simply creat a new folder in the main directory called “whatever” then open it and put in a folder called “htdocs” then upload whatever files to the htdocs folder and you have a working subdomain.

to creat subfolders for the domain (like

you simply creat a new folder inside the htdocs folder in the main directory.

I’m guess that for here you use the “” folder as the primary documents folder? then you just make folders withing to creat subfolders? I can’t seem to find any documentation on this anywere withing the dreamhost knoledge database or in here. can somene help me to understand this? is the ‘htdocs’ folder. just place all your files and folders in there. Permissios will allreaddy be set correctly on that folder, you don’t need to worry about that.

If you want a sub-domain, you use the panel and add a new fully hosted domain - just type in, then once things are processed you’ll get a new folder when you log into FTP - and that’s where all of your files go for that domain. You can if you want, even set up a new user, and set that user to have control over the new subdomain - so that way you’d have a different FTP log in for the subdomain.