Hi everyone.

I’m new here. And I have just open a DreamHost account for web-hosting.

My website is called Timeless Myths, is actually an old website. It’s being around since 1999. My previous host/server has shutdown, so this is why I had join Timeless Myths.

I have already own a domain name ( and I’ve managed to link the domain name to my webspace. The domain name was purchased outside of DreamHost.

What I would like to do now, is to create some subdomains for Timeless Myths. Timeless Myths has been divided into 4 main sections:
[]Classical Mythology,
]Norse Mythology,
[]Celtic Mythology,
]Arthurian Legends.

I was wondering how I would do this, in the DreamHost control panel?

Thank you.

BTW, how many subdomains am I limit to?

Just go to “manage domains” in the panel and add as many as you want such as etc. You can host as many domains or sub-domains on your account as you want.

Thank you, LakeRat.
Does creating domain simply require me to create a new subdirectory or folder, and directing the domain name to that subdirectory/folder?

A new directory will get created automatically when the domain is set up.

Hi Andrew.

Thank you.

What about when I already have domain name outside of DreamHost?

You must point the DNS for the whole domain to dreamhost.

There is in fact more than one answer to this question. For a beginner the simplest thing to do is set the nameservers for the domain to give dreamhost control. Dreamhosts nameservers are and

Keep in mind that when making ANY DNS changes that the change is NOT instant. The delay can range from a few minutes up to 72 hours, with the avg delay being in the 4-8 hour range.

For advanced uses there are several means to point single sub-domains between hosts using A and/or CNAME records, but until you have a firm grasp of DNS it’s best to just change the nameservers and let dreamhost manage the more complicated issues. It’s also possible in some cases to set namesevers for a single sub-domain differently than the main domain.

One more possibility, If you are creating/developing a new site for the domain/sub-domain that will replace a site that already exists at the same address, there is a way to do that too. The idea being work on a new site at dreamhost, everyone else still see’s the old site at old host, then when you are ready you make the nameserver changes and over the next day or so everyone then see’s the new site. Articles on how to do that can be found here and here. However if it’s a wordpress site being moved, go here.

Hi LakeRat

The guy who own the server did most of the works for me. All I had to do was to set the nameserver for the domain names that I had purchased, and he did the rest, which include setting up the subdomains for me.

But in any case, I would like to purchase a new domain name for new website. Actually, I had done so just now, in DreamHost’s Domain Registration page.


This seems dis-jointed and contradictory to what you have been talking about in the rest of the thread.

At any rate there seems to be no new questions here, so are you all squared away at this point?

Well, all’s well that ends well. Just remember to watch your memory usage or you might have to upgrade your hosting package in no time. That happens sometimes and it’s gonna be a lot of work. Good luck!

I am certainly not adding the subdomain right.

I want to have subdomain classical, so that it would look like this -

I get this error:

You can’t add that domain: parent domain is already in our system [/quote]

What am I am doing wrong?

That error usually means that the domain exists on a different dreamhost account. A domain (and its subdomains) can only exist on one dreamhost account.

I had purchased domain, years ago (so outside of dreamhost). What do I manage this domain, so that i can create subdomains?

The nameservers for your domain do point to dreamhost.

Tracing where the traffic goes, it seems to go in dreamhost front door, but reverse DNS on the IP points to Pulling up that domain, leads to a strange page that I don’t understand it’s meaning.

in post#8 of this thread you said:

which leads me to believe that another dreamhost account owner, which you are reffering to as “the guy who own the server” already has this domain added on HIS dreamhost account.

Since the registar for your domain is godaddy, I’m not sure what dreamhost’s policy is on establishing ownership. The fact remains however, that a domain can only exist on ONE dreamhost account.

Normally when that error is seen it’s caused because someone in the past owned the domain, hosted it on dreamhost, then let it go to expiration and later on someone else came along and registered the domain and then tried to host it on their account. In THAT case, the new owner would open a ticket and let support know what’s going on, and support would delete it from the other account. Then it could be added to the new account.

In your case, it seems a 3rd party is doing the hosting of the main domain for you, and you are trying to add sub-domains on your account. That won’t work. A domain and it’s subdomains must all exist on the SAME dreamhost account.

Asking support to remove it from his account will result in the site thats already there being deleted. ALSO, in this case, I’m not sure how dreamhost support determines the owner since it’s a live domain and dreamhost is not the registar. You would need to open a ticket and ask them.

[quote=“LakeRat”]which leads me to believe that another dreamhost account owner, which you are reffering to as “the guy who own the server” already has this domain added on HIS dreamhost account.

Since the registar for your domain is godaddy, I’m not sure what dreamhost’s policy is on establishing ownership. The fact remains however, that a domain can only exist on ONE dreamhost account. [/quote]
That strange because I had the domain name for the last 11 years, which I had purchased from godaddy, and the first to use this domain name. I definitely have never join DreamHost till recently.

I see you’ve already reached out to our support team about this – thanks! Like our tech said, you can’t add the subdomain because is hosted on another DreamHost account. If you know that accountholder, you can ask him to delete the domain from his account so you can host it on yours.

If you don’t know the accountholder, you’ll need to submit another ticket to request the domain be removed from the other DreamHost account. Our team will just need to verify your domain registration ownership and we can proceed from there.

Deleting the domain off the other account will unfortunately result in the site’s data being deleted, but the ownership of the domain and opportunity to host the domain belongs to the registration owner.

so the “the guy who own the server” really is just another dreamhost customer! I thought that was what was happening here. Thanks!

Now, I’m getting damn frustrated. The guy deleted his account to domain, so when I went to apply for this domain at Manage Domain => Add Domain, I now get this new message:

I just want to scream. I am no where near happy with joining DreamHost.

The whole point of joining DreamHost was to get my website up-and-running again, with a new host. Each way I turn, I’m thwarted. What the heck is promo account or referral account. I was recommended to join DreamHost by my previous host, and now I think I have wasted valuable time and money on something that has become virtual white elephant.

I am at the point of asking for refund and closing my account here.

I apologize for the frustration, storyteller. It looks like you used the promo code ‘retail100’ on your account; you can see the discount here in your panel:

I’ll be replying to your open ticket shortly though. Please be on the lookout!

storyteller, stop and take a deep breath.

We are trying to help you. Everything that’s happened in this thread is not a surprise, nor is it dreamhosts “faullt”. Although you didn’t understand when you did prior actions, every obstacle you have run into has been caused by your own prior action.

Not many people will run into your last error, you did because of a prior action by you. Dreamhost blocks the type of activity for a reason. My guess would be Elle fixed it for you, or in this case overrode the lock.

Sorry for your frustrations but you are doing things most people won’t run into.

I don’t know how long ago you signed up but dreamhost does have a 97-day money back guarantee.