I am new to and I cannot seem to figure out where to go to make subdomains.

Log into the Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add new Domains/sub-domain.

Welcome to DH. Hope you like it.

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I new it was in manage domains somewhere. thank you. I took advantage of that 555 promo.

That 555 promo is fantastic! The only people who might not find it the best promo ever are the ones who won’t use the features it offers, but for the features it does offer, it’s way more than one can provide in regular promo codes.

I wonder how long they’re going to run it. I figure that everyone who signs up will sign up using that promotion because it sounds so good and was wondering if we could calculate their new customer rate from how long they run it (and get to 500 new signups). Given that it still seems to be going strong and I think it unlikely that it takes them four days to get 500 new signups, I’m guessing that they’re going to let it run beyond the 500 - but who knows how long?

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It seems you are not familiar with DH panel.

This article is helpful.

Tips: when you create subdomain, be careful with the FTP users. New subdomain takes a while to be active.

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They did something similar with the 777, 888 and 9999 anniversary promo-codes, which were (and maybe still are?) active long after the stated period.


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