How/where do I set up a sub domain?


Never Mind, I just figured it out. K thanks.


Glad we could help! Anytime!



Quite a few people ask this question when first starting out with DreamHost. I guess this is due to them coming from other hosts, using cPanel etc, where things are done a little differently.

For the benefit of others in the future; Adding sub-domains at DreamHost is the same as adding full domains, you add them at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. Simply enter the full sub-domain in the Domain to host: field. Of-course, the parent domain must have already been added to the system.


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It really does happen all the time. Thanks for posting the info so that someone searching finds the answer they’re looking for.

One can always check the wiki at for answers to many questions.



If you search for “subdomain” at the wiki, you find the answer you need immediately.

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Instead of moaning about how many clicks away it is, why not edit the subdomain article to include the relevant information?

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