Hi, everyone,

Hope all those in the US are having a happy Thanksgiving!

I have a new question. I have a subdomain on one of my domains at Dreamhost, but it is also registered at Dreamhost.

If I buy a domain name at another site and point it to Dreamhost (and obviously host it there), can I create subdomains on that domain?

Any help appreciated.


Yes! I do that often. Dreamhost doesn’t care where you register the domain. Once you have a domain, and point the DNS to the Dreamhost nameservers, you can host all the sub-domains you want on Dreamhost. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the “Happy Thanksgiving” thought!


Oh, that’s good. Would I register the subdomain at Dreamhost or would I have to go back to GoDaddy to register it?



There is no need to “register” a sub-domain; in fact, you can’t! You can only register “top-level domains” ( like .com, .net., .org, .edu, etc). Sub-domains are part of the top-level domain.

Think of it this way: once you register “”, you have already registered all the possible “” subdomains. :wink: Pretty cool, eh?


Yep, pretty cool!

Thanks so much RL.

I’m off to see the grandkids now.

Best . .