Hi, I’m thinking of getting the 40GB Webhosting, which is 15,95$.

I would like to host other websites. For example, Peter is a person who is looking for free webhosting and I offer webhosting to him. Is that possible? If I created a subdomain for “Peter”, would he have access to his own control panel?

Thank you.


There are a couple of ways you could do this.

The simplest would be to create a user account for your friend and use this as the default FTP/SSH user for the subdomain that you create for them. This way, when they FTP to the server, they would see their particular files only, they would not have access to your other (sub)domains.

You could also create a WebID attached to your friends user account, giving them any Web Panel privilages that you wanted to and restricting them from things you didn’t want them to access.


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You could also offer them to have their own domain entirely but still hosted under your plan. There is no limit to the number of domains under any plan but if you need to register the domain name (versus transfer from somewhere else or change DNS), then there is a cost to register at DH or elsewhere.

The user creation and webid setup mentioned above work in this scheme as well.

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