I was wondering if it is possible to add a subdomain which isnt hosted by dreamhost, just to point to an IP, like if i wanted my computer by so I dont have to memorize the IP, i was looking through the panel but didnt see anywhere to do this.


Under “Domains” in the panel, the “DNS” tab lets you make custom entries into your DNS records to do things like what you want.

– Dan


under domains on the left side i only have:
Manage domains
Reg Transfer
Remap Sub-dir
Anonymous FTP

no DNS tab to select.


oh I guess i gotta manually do it through support according to: ip

since I have the “crazy domain insane plan” well I guess that isnt a huge issue since I really only have one IP I want to have a DNS entry too


If you have a fixed IP, then I guess you can use the Panel.
If you don’t have a fixed IP, then I can recommend services like where you can get a DNS name for your computer – but this won’t use a subdomain of your own domain.

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yeah its static IP i want to make a DNS entry for


I often connect to my home comptuer using tight VNC, and sometimes my IP will change - as I’ve got DSL. So what I did so I don’t have to memorize my ip, or have to worry if it changes while I’m gone is this:

I have a program running on my windows machine called Keep me posted. It runs as a background windows process so I never see it. It uses a site like to read my external IP address, puts that into a html page, and uploads it via FTP to my website.

I set it up to upload about every 30 min, and put it in a directory that’s password protected via htaccess. So now I can just pop onto an easly remimbered sub-directory and see my comptuers IP address from anywhere.

Perhaps this, or something similiar will work for you?