Is it possible for when I create a subdomain, say, it would point there (assuming i registered with the dreamhost dns)?

My previous host used cpanel as a web panel and this was possible. “subby” became a subfolder when i would ftp to mydomain. I was able to use email addresses with

Is this possbile with dreamhost?

You can make different domains and subdomains as redirects and mirrors to one another, so you should be able to do what you want. But what’s the point of redirecting a different domain to a subdomain? Have you run out of fully hosted domains in your current plan?

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i’m a bit confused. would a “fully hosted” domain be the equivalent to what cpanel refers to as a “addon” domain?

Pfft. The “Addon” term seems to be a bit misleading.

DreamHost is running the Apache HTTP Server, and “Fully Hosted” domains are actualy virtually hosted domains. This means Apache listens for the browser to tell it what domain it is asking for, and then Apache looks for a “virtual host” entry for that domain. The virtual host entry tells Apache where to look for the files using a “DocumentRoot” directive.

The DocumentRoot is apparently equivalent to the username/directory you use in cpanel when creating an “Addon” domain.

The DocumentRoot directives do not have to be unique to each virtual host. This means you can do:

<VirtualHost> DocumentRoot /home/username/ </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost> DocumentRoot /home/username/ </VirtualHost>And and would practically be the same site.

With DreamHost’s “Web Panel”, the DocumentRoot is specified as the “Web Directory” and you only get to specify that when the domain is fully hosted.

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This explanation, though apparently rich in detail, is confusing to me.

Is there someplace in the wiki where you describe subdomains and directory structure more simply? With samples (i.e. Matttius’ sample of forms was brilliant)? And free snacks? I’ve searched the forum and the wiki and haven’t quite found the answer.

The cpanel (which I also used) gave us a clear view into the directory structure-- it was very similar to every server directory structure I had to work with as a web grunt. For example, my home directory looks like this in cpanel:


I can navigate up and down the directories (using ftp)

Within the /www I simply put in folders for myfriends or mytopics and when I use the URL or the index.html just shows up.

This doesn’t work here-- dumb me, but I can’t figure out how to point the redirect in the right way. (I tried the redirect after adding subdirectory). I tried to read more, but it sent me to unix for dummies site. Which was interesting but not directly applicable.

What should I read next? Can you check my current redirect to see what I did wrong? ( subdirectory).