I feel pretty lame for asking, I have dealt with them before but perhaps I am just overlooking something. I created a subdomain on my site, when I ftp to (obviously that is not it) I don’t see the index for that subdomain. I created it today and it does show the palceholder page, is it just not propogated fully or am I missing something? Thanks in advance., your Xbox Live and Xbox Connect Tournament and League resource

FTP to your main site (the same as you always would). You will see the subdomain in the root directory.

Subdomains are treated like any other hosted domain; each one has a subdirectory associated with it, named after the domain. Logging in by FTP to a particular subdomain won’t automatically put you in that directory; the FTP home directory is associated with the account you’re logging in on rather than a particular (sub)domain. Using any domain or hostname that’s hosted on the same server will get you to the same place.

– Dan