I just set up a subdomain. I had the option to have it fully hosted or redirected etc… Since I wasn’t sure if I selecting fully hosted would cost me extra I chose redirected. I’d like it fully hosted but will that cost me? I’m not being cheap or anything but if there’s a way to not have to pay I may as well go that route :wink: Plus I don’t want to pay for something I may not use. I’m setting up a postcard site that uses MySQL and OMG I know I’m going to pull out my hair with that. LOL Thanks :slight_smile:


fully hosted counts as one of your “subdomains” that comes with your plan. redirecting / mirrored subdomains don’t (i’m pretty sure).

we give you a fairly generous number of domains / subdomains with most plans, so unless you’re already maxed out, the main concern should be what type of functionality you need, and whether you mind the browser refresh from to or whatever.