Subdomains pointing to directories on server

Hi there,

I have a unique scenario. I use WordPress as my site CMS, which creates virtual sub directories with Mod_Rewrite enabled.

meaning, is a valid url, even though the folder "work’ doesn’t really exist as a folder in my directory.

Well, I am wanting to setup a subdomain at When someone visits this, I want to do 2 things.

  1. Forward them to

  2. Have the content for that URL being pulled from

When I say “being pulled from”, I mean I have used sub-dir remapping with dreamhost for subdomains like to pull its content on the server from /

What actions can I take to accomplish those 2 items above? I don’t want to have to duplicate files/code, I would rather just point to the proper directories like I did for the sub-dir remapping.

Is that possible. Sorry if its confusing.


If SEO is important, I’d use a htaccess 301 at directing to and another in the latter directed to

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Well, what I am finding is with WP, in the database you have a set URL for both HOME and SITEURL, so even if I got to work, it would redirect to everytime.

I read an article too that regarding “link juice”, its better to have a blog on the same host/domain site a subdomain “is” looked at differently then a subdirectory.