Subdomains & Directories

New here and learning the DreamHost ropes…let’s hope my experience is a dream!

I want to verify how to organize directores for subdomains, so I know where the files are that should be uploaded to that subdomain.

Suppose I have

Would I go to Remap a Subdirectory, then enter:
Fully-hosted URL to remap: remap to


Is that right? If not, then what?

Subdomains are just like domains. They’re independent entities, so they’re not nested in a subdirectory. Your home directory will end up looking like:


If you’re building a new site then just Add New Sub-Domain in the form Scott mentioned (

If the site structure already exists (eg. moved from another host) ReMapping will work as you’ve written in your post, but .htaccess 301 redirects will be sure to retain any search engine rankings you’ve accumulated for the subdomain. If this is the case, then create a .htaccess file in [color=#0000CC][/color] with the contents:

redirect 301 /

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Excellent, Scott!

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