Subdomains, deletion and recreation

If you delete a subdomain, will it eventually be removed from the DNS records, or will it remain permanently?

I created a subdomain, and after 24 hours it still wasn’t live although it did show in the panel’s DNS record. www.subdomain.mydomain.tld worked, but subdomain.mydomain.tld did not (using the default setting of both concerning the www preference).

I deleted the subdomain through the panel and it suggested that I could reclaim the domain at a later time. However, the panel will not allow me to recreate the deleted domain while it is still in the DNS records. Do I just have to wait or is this a permanent situation?

I think it can take awhile sometimes for it to work again, but if you need to get something done, you could probably ask support to manually clean it up for you.

If something like that happens again (and you didn’t already try it this time), you could try editing the domain settings and see if that corrects it. Maybe try forcing it to non-www, then after it kicks in, switch it back. Not sure if it would help in your situation, but re-saving the settings occasionally fixes a bad_http_conf error.

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Dreamhost staff have resolved this problem for me.