Subdomains creation date / statistics


Hello everyone!!

Im for about 2 weeks now searching for something that would help me get out of a trouble I didnt imagine before, and should be carefull doing this. I have some domains hosted, mostly migrated from other webservers, and one in specific I have many (more than 30) subdomains, that were created by demand, and my biggest mistake was to full believe in dreamhost statistics and services, regarding the time the sites / domains / subdomains were created, which I was always able to get on my old provider that used cpanel.

Well, its quite simple. I need some log that tells me when the domains and subdomains were created.

If I search for the full domain, on many whois tools arround I can see the date they were registered, but as you may know some people buy the domain just for reserve, not everyone buy / registers a domain on the same day they host up an entire website on it.

So, the information on this whois machines are broken, since some sites were hosted before in other places, but i cant remember specifically the date i migrate then to dreamhost.

Well, you may say “silly you! you needed to write this dates down on your paper agenda so you could remember!”

Thats very sad, I dont have memory to know all domains / subdomains exactly, and for a project Im writing I really need this information to be precise. Tried oppening tickets on dreamohst, but everytime a different person answers me, all with the same answer about those whois services, what I really need is some log to know when I created the domais and subdomains in my dreamhost account.

If anyone have any clues or tips would be awesome. Some sites were created in 2008, 2007… too much time to remember the exact day i clicked up in dreamhost, and traveling all arround the web pannel I cant find any information with dates about nothing at all, domains creation, user creation, one click installs… maybe its quite obvious, but this simple information if avaiable would be awesome not only for me I bet.

thanks in advance.


When you create a domain or subdomain, a note is written in your Support History.

Panel > Support > Support History

Also, email.