Subdomains behaving badly (REALLY weird)

Here’s a crazy head-scratcher: The website I just set up works fine, but going to any subdomain sends me to the default parked page of my old hosting provider! I’ve already switched the nameservers, and they’ve got to be done propagating or else the website wouldn’t be working at all. Any help?

Have you tried clearing out your cache?

Somethign’s caching the previous site, probably your browser or possibly windows caching the IP address.

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Just cleared the cache in Safari and no luck…

My first guess is DNS propagation. I can’t think of any other reason you’d end up at your old site. It still may take a couple of days for it to all settle in.

What are the domain and subdomains?


The domain is

The database is

The latter just takes you to the parked page…

The mysql subdomain comes up as unfindable for me, not even a parked page.

I could have sworn there was another way to access the mySQL admin page before your domain kicks in, but I can’t locate the information.


But the main page comes up fine? Maybe it’s still propagating after all.

I have other domains working fine on DH, so can I host my blog on one of them and switch domains later, once it is done propagating? I can’t figure out how to do that.

I find the whole hosting while waiting for propagation exercise to be a pain, but read this:

and I found the database bit:


I’m assuming there’s some DNS problems going on or phpmyadmin problems, because many people are having similar problems in another thread. Many people’s aren’t accessable for one reason or another.